The Mora Stone

Virgo In Proelium Provehetur - A Maid Will Ride Forth Into Battle -

On her thirteenth birthday, Willow is given a broken ring in a curious box with a cryptic message. From the moment she slips the ring onto her finger, nothing is quite the same. Summoned back hundreds of years to a Scandinavian country visited in her dreams she becomes embroiled in an epic quest to defend the rightful heir to the throne, the young queen-elect Amise, little older than herself. It will be for the ancient Mora Stone to decide the outcome of a struggle against the abuse of power - and for life itself.


"What a fabulous film it would make! Just loaded with action, colour, suspense, exotic stuff, romance, and battles!"

Kathryn Asare. New zealand Commmications Manager, New Zealand Manufacturers Federation.

" a good solid fantasy for readers who like something they can get their teeth into... I enjoyed this book - it is well-written, very carefully researched, and deserves a place on any senior shelf."


"A timeslip novel that offers a very solid read to keen fantasy fans of around eleven to thirteen or fourteen."

Lorraine Orman...Story-Go-Round

"I really liked it. Great story! My sort of book! Keep writing; happy to review any future books!"

Thomas King...10 years.

"I read it in three days and it was great."

Anna.Powell. 8 years.

The Mora Stone, first published by The Medlar Press, cover illustration by Dean Raybould, has been included in the Children's Literature Foundation of New Zealand Inc. nominations for the top ten Notable Senior Fiction for 2001.

It has also been included on the initial list of nominees for the prestigious international Fantasy Award for Children's Literature in the US Mythopoeic Awards for Children's Literature.

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